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1950s Polka Dot Head Scarf Tie

1950s Polka Dot Head Scarf Tie

£7.99 Regular Price
£6.99Sale Price

These simply lovely polka dot head scarves with complete any rockabilly retro style. Available in mint green, lime green, yellow, fuchsia pink, and flamingo pink. 

Add to any hairstyle to give it that 50's look. Simple to use, just wrap around your head, tie in a double knot, and fluff ends to get that nice bow look. Use grips if required to hold in place.

37" Length x 3.5-4" Wide approx. (we have made them this wide so if you do want a smaller one you can just fold ours in half, best of both worlds)

Handmade with 100% Cotton in the UK

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